This man fought corruption bravely and ensures the MNREGA wages to the villagers!

Fight against corruption to ensure MNREGA wages to the villagers!

Mr. Prahlad & his father visited ‘Vijay Nagar Khalla’ on 5-Jan-2010 and manipulated the MNREGA workers to pay him Rs. 100 each as ‘Rishwat’ to get payment quickly from MNREGA.

This incidence was communicated by the members of Mazdoor Sangathan Maya Devi (Mangalpurwa)’, Chhotelal (Mangalpurwa) & Chandwati to the members of Vanagram Adhikar Manch Mr. Geeta Prasad, Mrs. Bhanmati, Vakil Ahmad & Rameshwar. Then Mr. Geeta Prasad informed Mazdoor Sangh that the payment will be released soon after the amount get transferred in Bank in MNREGA A/c. So, you don’t need to pay ‘Rishwat’ to any body?

Then the members of Vangram Adhikar Manch called Mr. Prahlad and asked about “Rishwat” demanded from MNREGA Labors. Both of them refused the same and asked who had asked this nonsense matter. Then the members of Mazdoor Sangh confirmed the allegation on both of them. After this Mr. Geeta Prasad warned him and told him that he will not get any illegal money from the labors and also asked him to leave this habit. Then both of them ran with “Fawra” to kill Mr. Geeta Prasad shouting at them not to interfere in the matter. Mrs. Bhanmati and Mr. Vakil Ahmad of Vangram Adhikar Manch saved Geeta Prasad by throwing away “Fawra” from Prahalad and his father. Then the members of Mazdoor Sangh started shouting “JAI AZADI”. The mob surrounded these two. But Mr. Geeta Prasad & Mrs. Bhanmati made the mob little calm and Prahalad & his father escaped from the site to save their lives.

Both of them contacted Mr. Jahid Khan, Pradhan, Chehalwa Gram Panchayat & Mr. Durre Hasan, Village Development Officer and made a false FIR in Sujauli P.S. against Mr. Geeta Prasad, Shri Ram, Bhanmati & Vakil Ahmed for fighting & beating them. They also forced the police to arrest them immediately.

Four constables visited Geeta Prasad & Shree Ram to arrest them. Policemen showed FIR to Geeta Prasad and Shree Ram and told them to come along with them to the Police Station. Then Geeta Prasad requested Policemen to atleast have him food before coming to the Police Station. But Policemen were rigid and took Geeta Prasad & Shree Ram to Police Station .

About 800 MNREGA workers gathered with “Fawra” at Police Station in the support of Geeta Prasad and started shouting the revolutionary slogans “Jai Azadi” & “Hum Sab Ek Hain”. Now Incharge of Police Station was nervous and told Geeta Prasad & Shree Ram to control the mob. The members of Mazdoor Sangh asked fault of Geeta Prasad. The Police incharge told the mob that Geeta Prasad & Shree Ram were not taken forcefully but they are sitting with us.

They also abused policemen who arrested Geeta Prasad,meanwhile, Dr. Jung Hindustani, Associate Coordinator of DEHAT organization, Bahraich & Mr. Shashikan “Nilala”, Community organizer reached the Police Station. Dr. Jung informed that the FIR came to him and he decided to resolve the problem in the presence of two parties. Because Met Prahalad & his party was not present at the time. So S.O. told Dr. Jung to leave the matter. Now Prahalad came to the office of Developmental Association for Human Advancement – Dehat at Girijapuri and requested Geeta Prasad to forgive him Then the problems were resolved and now Prahalad never tried to demand any “Rishwat’ from anybody. Geeta Prasad said it was miracle of union of Vangamins that our villagers is free from corruption to get their payment of MNREGA.

Just like Geeta Prasad, DEHAT has mobilized about 143 volunteers and organized them into CBOs to fight thr kind of same hurdles and adverse situations.

Let us tell you that slogan “JAI AZADI” for the movement to struggles of Vangram villagers of 10 Forest Villages of Mihinpurwa Block of Bahraich district on international border of India Nepal, to get basic rights, which was not provided them even after 60 years of Independence. Because Forest Department was placed in mid of forest from British region. Now they are using by Forest Department to take benefit of ‘Begari’ by them for their own profit. Dehat social work organization, Bahraich united them to struggle for their rights and formed Vangram Adhikar Manch & also given a slogan of “JAI AZADI”.

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