A brief overview of our beliefs

Because every child matters...


evelopmental Association for Human Advancement (DEHAT) started with a belief that no society can hope for sustainable development unless its children are assured of their survival, protection and participation in the development process. We also believe that sustainable development can only take place when the rural masses are mobilized to play an active part in their own development. Thus, children remain the nucleus of the work of the organization. DEHAT’s work is spread across the rural regions which are counted in the most backward districts of India.

Benefiting From DEHAT

Adolescent Girls

How we help

Behavior Change

Communities in “hard to reach” areas are deprived of quality information, education, training and exposure. Due to limited awareness opportunities, they follow many traditional practices which can be harmful for their quality of life. At DEHAT, we’re committed to helping a community changes & its behavior in a way that improves the people’s quality of life.  

System Strengthening

DEHAT feels that some govt. programs are not able to completely benefit the target groups because the community support is weak. Further, govt. programs may have poor results due to lack of knowledge about them. As always, we’re committed to strengthen the govt. systems working for the welfare and development of its communities through generating community support, capacity building, and awareness campaigns about programs, schemes and acts.


Demanding Govt. Action

Numerous government programs, schemes and acts are in place, but due to lack of awareness they are still out of reach to the eligible communities, especially marginalized peoples. We’re committed to making sure that everyone in our communities is aware of the government’s actions which might improve their quality of life or infringe upon their basic rights.

Providing Services

DEHAT believes that any organization cannot be an alternate to the government, and as a welfare state system the government is responsible for all kind of services. Due to this belief, we always empower communities to raise demands of their needs. DEHAT observes in some cases that government support for suffering communities is taking too long. Parallel to the demands, DEHAT is committed to providing its services to the community until the realization of government support.

We require your help.

DEHAT’s causes are humanity’s own.

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