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A little effort makes a family Child Friendly

Name of Village: Aurahi

Name of Block : Ghorawal

Name of District: Sonebhadra

Aurahi village of Ghorawal block in Sonebhadra district is situated at a distance of 07 KM from Shahganj Market on Shahganj – Ghorawal block road. This is one of the villages covered under Child Right Project by DEHAT.

Mala wife of Ramkesh a family from Schedule caste community lives in this village. Mala is now mother of 04 children Pooja (06 years), Ajay (04 years) and 02 recently born non identical twins. DEHAT Field Animator first visited the village in October 2011 at that time Mala was pregnant (07 months). The family had never gone to hospital for delivery nor do they got their children Immunized. Mala did not like packed Iodized salt and preferred to eat Dara salt. She told to field Animator that packed salt is not as tasty as Dara salt.

DEHAT Field Animator visit their home during the monthly routine visit and counseled Mala during home visit and monthly meetings of SHG members. During visit on 04-01-2012 Field Animator came to know that Mala is ill and her legs and hands swelled, Field Animator advised her for medical checkup at Sarawat Sub- center. After examination ANM told that she is going to be a mother of Twin children and swelling is due to lack of blood, thus she prescribed IFA tablets for Mala.

On 15/01/2012 Mala went to Sarawat Sub-center with her husband but now the situation was more complication and she was referred to district hospital Robertsganj . There she give birth to twin children (one boy and one girl) on 16/01/2012. She got the birth certificate of her children from ANM, both the children were immunized with OPV, BCG and DPT till date. Mala received the payment of JSY in February-2012 and now the family is using Iodized Salt.

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