Help DEHAT | Individual

Volunteer in your own way!

As a responsible Individual...

Look around you

  • Ask yourself what is in the long-term best interests of children around you – your own, your neighbor’s, the child who works at the tea stall nearby, your domestic help’s/ driver’s children. Think of opportunities you can give all of these children to play, learn and do creative things together!
  • Take a walk down to the municipal/Govt. school or health center in your neighborhood and see what you can do to change the situation. Maybe you and a few of your friends from the neighborhood could get together and make it a more child-friendly environment.

Spend Quality Time With Your Children/Siblings

  • Sit with your children or siblings and initiate a discussion or work on a project about the situation of children in your environment – in school, in your neighborhood, on the streets, at traffic signals etc.

Take A Stand Against Child Right Violations

  • Stop employing children for domestic help, as it’s neither morally nor legally right.
  • Try to make a strict rejection of goods & services that employ children. Encourage those suppliers and agencies that employ and pay adults enough to send their children to school and fulfill their children’s basic rights.
  • Discuss with your children how you can contribute to the cause of child rights – by volunteering, holding exhibitions to create awareness or fund-raising drives for DEHAT.
  • Organize an in-house campaign to involve your colleagues or management to contribute time, money or skills for DEHAT’s effort.
  • Say no to sex selective abortion. Create awareness among family and friends of the evils of discriminating against girl children.

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