Computer Wizard

Extend your help in your own way!

As a computer wizard...

Are you any of the following:

  • Content Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Enthusiast
  • Blog Writer
  • Application Developer
  • Or someone just having good computer knowledge

If yes, do you want to utilize your skills to restore the basic rights of the children? Don’t have time to travel, face a disability or have a hectic home or work schedule? Then worry not, DEHAT is the best platform for you! DEHAT is here with a bunch of exciting options for volunteering us virtually. Contribute your valuable time and skills to bring lasting changes in the lives of underprivileged children at your own pace.

DEHAT’s virtual volunteering options offers you flexibility in terms of space, time and location. Choose any option that suits your specialization!

All you need is: 

– A computer 
– An internet connection 
– Passion & dedication to make a difference. 

Sure! Take me to the form