“Womenia” Initiative – Empowering Rural Women

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What’s the Initiative all about?

While making efforts in different scopes of education, we realized that champ’s shelter is the first institution for her or his life and mothers are the first teacher to teach them a lesson of life and beautify them as an incredible persona. But realizing the lack of knowledge & awareness about initial academic concerns & different Govt. schemes that her family can avail is leading their family to a dark world where they can’t even think of educating their girl or boy champs (after 6 and above) and can’t avail the existing schemes that Govt. is offering to them. Believing that only community’s behavior change can play a major role while achieving our goals to transform the families, we’ve initiated ‘Womenia’.

How it works?

‘Womenia’ aims to provide a mother mentor to each child’s family, especially to the children (at least until they reach the basic level of understanding). The core focus of this programme is to teach the alphabetical and basic academic knowledge to the illiterate women, endowing them with correct health and hygiene practices and making them a demanding citizen for all their deserving rights and government schemes. We do this by opening literacy centres in the different locations in which we work. (Shelter for these centres are borne by the communities itself.) Furthermore, literacy counseling and drives helps us to mobilize community support.

How do we do it?

To understand how DEHAT achieves the aim of this initiative, visit the Education Initiatives page