The “Digitify” Initiative – Digitizing The Rural Education

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What’s the Initiative all about?

Through our extensive work with education in different ways, we have reallized that digital education can bring more concept clearity and make learning even more fun experience.Research shows that digital environment can give a marked effect on intelligence and creative development.But in demographic adversites it’s difficult to find such facility. Here,we’ve came up with the solution that breaks this marked distance between Digital & Manual Learning. The primary focus of Digitify is to make learning experience a true fun & creative environment.

How it works?

The aim of Digitify is to convert the traditional way of learning into modern and globalized educational involvement. We do this by installing ‘Hole In Wall Computers’ in primary classes of Government Schools and making alternative Digital Classes that is enabled with all digital aids like Educational Smart Boards for senior champs. Meanwhile, we involve special Information Technology (IT) mentor to monitor the functionality and instructions for both of these infrastructure. Furthermore, these solutions helps to identify secondary and senior secondary level gaps in digital skills and Certified Computer Course(CCC+) tracks the performances of Digitify Champs. Hence, Digitify prepares the rural Champs for cracking urban-advanced environments and making their career choices broader in different scopes of Information Technology after +2 standard.

How do we do it?

To understand how DEHAT achieves the aim of this initiative, visit the Education Initiatives page