“Bravo Girls!” Initiative

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What’s the Initiative all about?

A survey that we’ve compiled in across 14 villages of Bahraich Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India, revealed that while on one hand, the basic literacy rate was more than 92%, less than 1% of the population had completed secondary-level education. Additional research revealed that the dropout percentage among girls after class VIII is as high as 96.7% in the area. On ground what this means is that a very small percentage of girls in the region are actually completing education upto class 10th, which is the bare minimum required for any opportunities being offered. This, in turn, leaves these young girls vulnerable to issues of early marriages and domestic abuse.

Meanwhile, gaps like leadership qualities in Girl-Champs, community’s sensitization about impacts of their daughter’s education, safety concerns while school days are some of the major reasons that inspired us to design the Bravo Girls Initiative.

How it works?

Keeping the findings in mind, this initiative is specifically designed to bring quality life to the group of Adolescent Girl Champs with an empowerment approach, so that they can be aware and capable of standing up for their rights as citizens. Henceforth, the curriculum is also delivered by trained teachers who can be a good teacher as well as an excellent role model for the Girl Champs.

Some of the features of ‘Bravo Girls‘ initiative are:

  • With lots of exploratory knowledge, experience, and Class X graduation certificate, Champs get all the possible access for the employment opportunities offered by various government and non-government agencies available in rural areas.
  • Some of them (Bravo Change Makers) takes leadership positions in their communities and help it move towards a better future collectively.
  • The communities are now encouraged to allow their daughters to attend school’s education centers as they can clearly see the impact of the program. This has an amazingly positive social change and increased the penetration of quality education in rural areas.
  • Sensitization of working women acting as mentor-mothers and inspire them to sensitize others, both in their professional and personal spheres to share their love, time and experience with the disadvantaged communities. Very often, little bit of their time makes a big difference.
  • Future families of these Champs will receive immense benefits, especially the children. This is in keeping with the belief that educating a girl is educating a future family. It has a cascading effect which multiplies over the time.

How do we do it?

To understand how DEHAT achieves the aim of this initiative, visit the Education Initiatives page